This is a man’s world… No, it isn’t!  Calling all female Devs…

Technology has a gender problem, everyone knows that. But what are we doing to resolve this?

“We value diversity.  It is vital that all teams across our business are diverse and as inclusive as possible. We recognise there is a serious lack of gender equality in the world of coding so, for this reason, we are proud to support the campaign for gender balance in science, technology, and engineering (WISE), a campaign that drives awareness and aims to strengthen the future technology community.” states Tom Dodd-Noble, Managing Director.

Data Interconnect has become a member of the WISE Campaign to support the growth of women in tech. WISE enable and energise people in business, industry, and education to increase the participation, contribution and success of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Data Interconnect is an SME company with very big plans and needs more developers. Recruiting enterprise PHP developers is challenging, finding female PHP developers is proving impossible. Women make up just 6% of the developer workforce at Data Interconnect, and this is not through lack of trying to recruit female techies to fix our gender imbalance. And here’s why…

Only 11% of the UK Developer population is female – A recent statistic from the Pearson Frank Java, Web & PHP 2017 Salary Survey. In the web developer community, it is no secret that there are very few female developers.

Harry Dodd-Noble, Head of Product comments As a business, we are always looking for bright young talent with an aptitude for coding. Experience is good but the desire to learn is more important and encouraging female coders is really something that we want to help with right from the beginning of their career and even before, and we hope supporting WISE will be a small step in this journey.”

Zipporah Stephen, Business Analyst and member of the WISE Young Women’s Board says “There are so many career options that people are not aware of. It is imperative that the current pipeline heading into higher education or the workforce is aware of the options available. Whether it is STEM or other, gender-balanced teams outperform same-sex teams which result in better performance. I grew up in a culture where STEM was everyone’s aspiration. It was considered the smart and successful thing to do with life. With my innate curiosity to tackle what was considered the harder things in life, especially when I am told I cannot do something, this was exactly what I did! The opposite effect takes place in the UK, leading to the lowest scores in STEM participation. It is all about perception and helping students expand their horizons from what has become stereotypically avoided in society due to labels. I have looked into and documented various reasons that put girls off STEM and stop women from stepping into the STEM career ladder or drop off half way. My aim is to get girls and women aware of the possibilities that have been closed off to them over time and to encourage interest in these areas while promoting retention in corporations by supporting career development and maintaining a hospitable environment where women can thrive.”


About WISE

Wise website

WISE enables and energises people in business, industry and, education to increase the participation, contribution and success of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). WISE members inspire girls to choose maths, physics, and computing. WISE members attract, retain, develop and progress female talent in their companies.


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One year on… A pinnacle shift for Data Interconnect

On the 23rd November 2016 Data Interconnect moved into new offices on the Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, the move sparked major change.

In addition to major financial investment, the move supports a hefty growth strategy and the core focus of 2017, R&D and strengthening resource.

Tom Dodd Noble, Managing Director of Data Interconnect said “Investing in growth isn’t just important for the long-term success of our business – it’s also important for the success of our clients. By investing in new technology, attracting world-class talent and boosting productivity, I believe the next release of WebSend will make a significant difference to our clients bottom-line. The addition of our new cash allocation module, due for first release in 2018, further enhances our integrated receivables platform.

“WebSend simplifies accounts receivable processes and improves the customer experience. WebSend is not only configurable, stable and future proof, we are confident our end-to-end Order to Cash solution is the best in the AR tech market. It has been developed with the end-user in mind.

”The suite will facilitate even faster collections through improved efficiencies, better use of time increasing productivity, reducing DSO and ultimately improve cash flow.” Tom ends.

During 2017, DI invested in a 25% headcount increase. The added resource further supports our current client needs and facilitates a solid onboarding approach for new clients.

Harry Dodd-Noble was appointed the new role of Head of Product in March. Harry joins DI from Deloitte bringing with him a wealth of tech experience.

The introduction of a highly skilled Business Analyst team has changed the approach to R&D. With a clear focus on requirements gathering, the team work very closely with clients and the developers to ensure the specifications are right first time.

Harry begins “The customer journey is paramount; our team of BA’s work very closely with our clients and their customers to enhance the overall customer experience.

 “We want to deliver not only what our clients need, but share knowledge, advise best practices and work with them to deliver the best solution.

 “Through a seamless interface with our portals, our client’s customers can view their financial documents, retrieve copy documents, view POD’s, raise line item disputes and make payments.

  “Credit Managers and Controllers have total visibility of the AR cycle and their customers can securely access their documents, 24/7 from any device.” Harry ends.

In true DI style, one year on after the move, they celebrated with a cake made by one of the new Business Analysts, Rhia McGrady.

It was delicious.


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Water, trenches, muddy banks, tunnels and bogs… not a usual choice for weekend activities!

Well, it is for Rhia McGrady, one of the Business Analysts at Data Interconnect. In order to raise £2000 for Cancer Research, this year Rhia has decided to run a variety of 5k-13k Obstacle courses and fun runs. To aid fundraising efforts further and not so good for the DI waistline, as a chef in a previous life, Rhia is holding several bake sales.

Rhia has several close friends and family currently fighting a battle with cancer so she wanted to do something to help. Supporting Cancer Research means she can do just that, the charity is constantly researching new treatments towards finding a cure.

Now for most people, these runs are relatively easy. For Rhia, it is a lot more difficult because she has joint hypermobility.

Rhia says “It’s extremely easy for me to get injured just by the running let alone with the obstacles in the way but I wanted that challenge, something that is very difficult for me to achieve. I am determined to reach my goal because this to me represents the battle that Cancer survivors, fighters and angels have gone through themselves. I am more determined than ever!

Data Interconnect fully supports Rhia’s efforts to raise funds for this important charity.

Courses completed:
January 2017 – Mudd Queen Challenge – Run a mile a day every day in January
19th March 2017 – Battle of the Lansdowne
20th May 2017 – 5k Pretty Muddy Swindon
21st May 2017 – 10k Race for life
30th Sept 2017 – 13k Monster Run
08th November 2017 – 8k Rocket Race






— Ends —


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Data Interconnect gains ISO9001 Certification

Data Interconnect gains ISO9001 CertificationData Interconnect Ltd is pleased to announce the recent achievement in obtaining the internationally recognised ISO9001 certification.

This independent assessment was conducted by the British Assessment Bureau, a leading Certification Body. It clearly demonstrates the development of continual improvement, customer satisfaction and traceability best practices within the organisation. Data Interconnect aims to provide clients with the highest quality order to cash software solutions and service levels.

ISO 9001 was first introduced in 1987 and requires organisations to demonstrate that they do what they say they do.  Having a Quality Management System in place to ensure consistency and improvement leads to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed to ensure progress is being maintained.

Tom Dodd Noble, Managing Director of Data Interconnect said “This ISO certification means clients can have increased confidence in the services we provide.

“This certification reflects our assurance of quality, our unremitting commitment to our clients and their customers and our position as thought-leaders in the area of order to cash solutions.

“This award was the culmination of a long-term initiative to implement an integrated Quality and Security Management System and thanks to the dedication of our project team, we have achieved this ISO certification.” Tom ends.

– ENDS –

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Storage will change the face of the energy market beyond all recognition – by David North

“Nothing in the world will stop energy storage” says Ray Noble, ex Arup Group Director and Senior Government advisor for Electric Vehicles with 30 years solar industry expertise. His statements underline the importance of the considerations raised in our article on Sustainable Solar Strategies for Solar PV portfolio management.

Noble was speaking today at the Association for Public Sector Excellence’s (APSE) energy conference. He went on to say that the price of energy storage systems will reduce “faster than solar.”

“The roll-out of electric vehicles to the mass market is only three years away and higher prices for diesel will drive the issue forward.”Energy Storage Pylon

“My view is you have to get your thoughts right now. It will happen super quick. You could make money but otherwise you will pay huge penalties for buying very expensive energy in the future.”

He added that central government is also “behind” energy storage.

“If we can jump on the boat now because nobody else is on the boat, we will be a world leader and selling these services to other people. That’s what they [central government] are really after.”

Talk to David North, Head of Energy, about how we can help you to manage your portfolio more effectively to take advantage of these changes.

Referenced article

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Solar Sustainability Strategy by David North

Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) have an obligation to develop sustainable solar strategies to meet their long-term social aims of providing community homes.

WebSend Fit, Solar, Rooftop, Housing association, Feed in Tariff

David North, Head of Energy at Data Interconnect reflects on the current state of solar PV portfolio management and exposes opportunities for RSLs to improve cash flow, optimise output and increase returns while reducing employed resources, without selling ‘the family silver’.

Aimed specifically at RSLs but valuable for any Multi-Site Generator, if you are considering a ‘free’ solar contract, upgrading or selling your portfolio or maybe a better way to manage it, read this article first.

New ideas and new technology are explored that help deliver solutions for both financial and social benefits. Future trends are examined with some startling revelations about imminent structural changes.

Read the full article about Sustainable Strategies by clicking this link

The Solution: WebSend FiT

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Data Interconnect support CICM Showcase events

CICM Corporate Logo
Data Interconnect are proud to support CICM Credit Solutions Showcase events

As official Corporate Partner of the CICM Data Interconnect is proud to support and attend the CICM ‘Credit Solutions Showcases’ in London and Manchester.

These showcase events will give delegates the opportunity to see and discuss the latest products that are available from a range of top solutions providers – all in one place!

Nick Wilkinson of Data Interconnect takes the stage at 2.20pm in London on the 2nd November 2016 to present how Data Interconnects innovative solution helps businesses integrate the collections process through technology.

Nick says ”This is a fantastic opportunity for Credit Managers to learn about how our portal based solution, Websend 4 which is due to be released Q4 2016 can work with internal processes, streamline and simplify the order-2-cash process and essentially help businesses to get paid faster.”

CICM HQ have confirmed the London Showcase is now full and they are building a reserve list.

We look forward to seeing you at these events.

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Data Interconnect move to support new version of WebSend

Shrivenham Hundred Business Park

High tech 12,000 sq ft offices

A new era for Data Interconnect

Major investment in new premises

Data Interconnect are on the move but it’s only a stone’s throw from where we currently operate. Not wanting to move away from the beautiful Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border, our new, high tech 12,000 sq ft office will be on the Shrivenham Hundred Business Park.

Tom Dodd Noble, CEO of Data Interconnect said “Our business is growing rapidly and with the new version of our WebSend Accounts Receivable finance solution now on customer test, we have simply outgrown our current premises so it is time for us to move. Our current location on the edge of Faringdon and surrounding area suits our company culture so the idea of moving far away is simply not an option for us.

“To support the WebSend 4 launch the senior management team has recently expanded, a further four new members have joined the team in the last six months and I anticipate further team development in the coming months.” Tom ends.

After a huge clearing effort, walls have been knocked down, the roof has been raised and ceilings have been removed to create light and airy spaces, and it is taking shape.

The building will include a gym which is intended to be accessible to all employees on the Shrivenham Hundred Business Park and a high-tech mail fulfilment room.

We move on the 18th November.

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Finalist for Credit Today Award 2015 – Best use of Technology

For the second year running Data Interconnect are proud to be nominated as finalists in the “Best use of Technology” category in the Credit Today 2015 awards.

Once again the judges have picked our Financial Document Management Solution, WebSend , as an example of an Accounts Department system which demonstrates competitive advantage, an easy and intuitive interface, impressive take up amongst all users and substantial cost efficiencies.

Many thanks to the judges panel for the nomination.

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New clients join Data Interconnect

We are pleased to announce a Financial Services Provider and a Consumer Electronic Group have joined our portfolio of clients,



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