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WebSend eBilling is a comprehensive portal based invoice solution,  used by large multi-national organisations worldwide.

Key features

  • Portal based eBilling is an environmentally friendly and efficient way of sending large quantities of financial documents.
  • Save time and money with our eBilling and Document Delivery service – ideal for large businesses that send thousands of invoices and documents every month.
  • Via a secure connection, Data Interconnect uploads all of your outgoing invoice data and documents onto a single, online portal and processes the information converting it into the required file type of your customer.
  • Your customers self-serve at no cost to themselves, accessing their invoices and statements 24/7 from any device.
  • Reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by streamlining your document delivery timelines and processes.

eBilling improves efficiencies, reduces costs, increases cash flow and forms a key part of your Groups sustainability strategy

Less paper, less waste, more efficient, less storage

ebilling and document delivery

The Benefits

•   Total visibility – Never hear the number one excuse for non-payment again: “Sorry I didn’t receive your invoice.”
•   Send e-Invoices via the WebSend portal and see when your customers retrieve them 24/7, reduce the number of copy invoice request calls.
•   Improve customer experience – on demand access for your customers to manage their accounts online 24/7 from any device
•   Data Interconnect lead your customer education and conversion activity for maximum success – up to 100% conversion can be achieved.
•   Reduce printing, postal and paper handling costs
•   We have an in-house print and post service for customers who are not yet able to receive e-Invoices

Request a demonstration to discover how Data Interconnects e-Billing and Document Delivery service could streamline your billing and collection processes.