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Websend Electronic Data Interchange EDI

Revolutionise the way you do business with the automated eInvoicing – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

E-invoicing fully automates the invoice capture process with data being routed straight from the supplier into the buyer’s AP system.

We developed WebSend EDI in direct response to customer demand for an Electronic Data Interchange solution that functions as a stand-alone Value Added Network (VAN) and works in conjunction with other popular VAN’s, such as OB10.

Electronic Data Interchange EDI replaces postal, fax and email delivery with an automated computer-to-computer transaction. For example, while paper and digital PDF invoices still require manual processing, WebSend EDI delivers the invoice data direct to your recipient’s Accounts Payable system, enabling instant invoice processing with no risk of miss-keyed entries or human error. But WebSend EDI is not just an invoice processing system – it can be applied to a wide range of your business documents across multiple departments.

Flow diagram of a typical business to business EDI transaction - WebSend Electronic Data Interchange EDI

Flow diagram of a typical business to business EDI transaction

EDI and Portal WebSend Electronic Data Interchange EDI

WebSend Electronic Data Interchange EDI with the added benefit of portal access for tracking and monitoring purposes

WebSend EDI works seamlessly with the other modules in the WebSend Collection. You only need to set up a single data feed from your system, and WebSend will filter it to the correct delivery method, whether it be EDI, via the WebSend Portal, the postal system or fax. In addition to this, physical copy retrieval of all data sent via EDI can be made available through the WebSend Portal.

WebSend EDI Benefits

For ClientsFor SuppliersFor Credit Managers
Reduced costsFaster paymentsClear visibility
Faster process and payment cyclesReduced costsBetter working capital
Greater accuracyGreater productivityGreen initiatives met
Focus on higher value activitiesImproved customer relationshipsImprove supplier/customer relationships
Improved supplier relationshipsAlternative finance optionsBetter IT system optimisation
Optimal community management
Fewer rejected invoicesImproved compliance
Stronger accounts reconciliationStronger accounts reconciliation
Improved cash managementImproved cash management
Reduced fraud, duplicates and late payment fees
Better dispute handling


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