The changing face of the energy market

By March 17, 2017energy

“Nothing in the world will stop energy storage” says Ray Noble, ex Arup Group Director and Senior Government advisor for Electric Vehicles with 30 years solar industry expertise. His statements underline the importance of the considerations raised in our article on Sustainable Solar Strategies for Solar PV portfolio management.

Noble was speaking today at the Association for Public Sector Excellence’s (APSE) energy conference. He went on to say that the price of energy storage systems will reduce “faster than solar.”

“The roll-out of electric vehicles to the mass market is only three years away and higher prices for diesel will drive the issue forward.”

“My view is you have to get your thoughts right now. It will happen super quick. You could make money but otherwise you will pay huge penalties for buying very expensive energy in the future.”

He added that central government is also “behind” energy storage.

“If we can jump on the boat now because nobody else is on the boat, we will be a world leader and selling these services to other people. That’s what they [central government] are really after.”

Talk to David North, Head of Energy, about how we can help you to manage your portfolio more effectively to take advantage of these changes.

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