Invoice Processing
Invoice Authorisation

Transform the way you process incoming invoices with the most comprehensive web-based Accounts Payable solution.

Processing incoming invoices, whether you receive them via post, fax or email, takes time and costs money.

The WebSend AP Suite automatically receives PDF invoices and processes the data for you, matching each invoice to its relevant purchase order and flagging any anomalies for your immediate attention.

AP illo• Automate the processing of incoming invoices, saving time and eliminating miss-keyed entries or human error
• Manage supplier relationships through a user-friendly online interface
Build your payment decision making on readily available, up-to-date and accurate information
Send invoices for internal authorisation through a single online system – whether for colleagues in the next room or in an office hundreds of miles away
Issue electronic purchase orders directly to your suppliers’ systems, eliminating postal and printing costs


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