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For the fast and accurate administration of Feed in Tariff and export claims

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  • The Problems

    The latest – Feed in Tariff system payments

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    Ofgem audit – Errors and failings!

    In their most recent Feed-in Tariff audit report, Ofgem noted that over 80% of licensees (Energy Suppliers) achieved an audit score of weak or unsatisfactory and recorded common failings in their allocation of incorrect tariff rates resulting in cases of generators being underpaid.

    Industry insiders – Complex and time-consuming!

    For most multi-site generators, the reconciliation process is complex and protracted. This, not only risks failure to identify missed payments due but, adds considerably to the bottom line cost of administering the receipts.

    Asset management

    Prudent asset management requires readily available, customisable statistics, graphics and reports for Operation & Maintenance and financial optimisation. Few Multi-Site Generators have fully optimised systems in place and many are failing to take full advantage of the data available thus missing additional income and improved cash flow.

  • Innovative Solutions – WebSend FiT

    WebSend FiT system offers precise verification of payments received. The process provides important reassurance on accurate finances and frees staff to work more effectively.

    New Installation
    Meter Reading
    Fire Account

    Registration of new installationsPayment Reconciliation
    Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)Dispute Resolution
    CertificationPerformance Monitoring
    Compliance evidence
    Operation and Maintenance
    Claim SubmissionCompliance Requests

    Reports and Graphics 
    Output performance kWhEarnings performance £
    Maintenance alerts kWh variancePerformance over time comparisons £
    Performance over time comparisons kWhProjected cash flow
    Seasonal variationsAccruals
    Prior month/season/year comparisonsVAT

    Tenant Portal 
    Tenant engagement -Twin element meters -
    Better fulfilment of social aims
    Good Corporate Social Responsibility
    Additional functionality e.g. fault reporting
    Measure on site consumption
    Analyse volume and time of use
    Improve on site consumption of PV

    You retain total control with WebSend FiT system

    In line with our innovative solutions ethos, WebSend FiT can be used in a number of ways and adapted to suit any individual requirements. Whatever solution and level of engagement you choose, the data is available to you and the processes are transparent and auditable, ensuring you retain control.

  • Benefits

    WebSend FiT system is an easy-to-use, time-saving solution that you can rely on.

    • Simple to use
    • Web-based system
    • Reduced asset cost
    • Modular and scalable
    • Robust functionality
    • Bespoke design gives you what you need
    • For divisions, teams or individuals

    Get what you want, when you want it

    • Integrate with existing systems

    CRM, O&M, Accounting, FFA

    • Simple claims process
    • Reconciliation guarantees correct payments
    • Customisable financial reports and graphics
    • Transform analysis
    • Improve O&M management
    • Reduce attendance on site
    • Accelerate outage response
    • Significant increases in kWh
    • Increased revenue
    • Improved cash flow
    • Improved Field Force Automation (FFA)
    • Shrink costs of administration
  • Audit

    Feed-in Tariff Claims & Payments Audit

    Let Data Interconnect carry out an audit of your FiT claims and payments

    Critical audit – Claim unpaid monies due

    In their most recent Feed-in Tariff audit report, Ofgem recorded common failings in the allocation of incorrect tariff rates resulting in cases of generators being underpaid.
    If you would like to know if you are affected, we can verify your receipts and claim back any unpaid monies due, involving Ofgem if necessary.

    How does an audit work?

    Provide us with:
    • A list of the FiT IDs for which you claim payments
    • A copy of the meter readings sent to your licensee (Energy Supplier)
    • A copy of the statements received from your licensee


    Using the WebSend FiT system, we can calculate precisely how much you should have been paid and report on any payments that are incorrect.

  • Web Portal – Self Serve

    What you can do

    •   Register new installations
    •   Retain all relevant records
    •   Know how much is owing to you in advance
    •   Create your Payment Claim at the press of a button
    •   Enjoy slick statement reconciliation & dispute resolution
    •   Save processing time and effort at Year End – including accruals calculations
    •   Identify poorly performing installations using parameters you choose
    •   Increase cash flow by completing quarterly claims on time with ease

    What WebSend FiT system does

    •   A dashboard provides a payment request schedule always keeping you on track
    •   Imports meter readings to produce payment requests and calculate what is due
    •   Retains EPC, certification, compliance, operation, maintenance and related records
    •   Reconciles expected income with statements received
    •   Keeps readily available income estimates & accruals for a happy finance department
    •   Monitors customisable parameters for enhanced Operation and Maintenance
    •   Suits your requirements with sensible pricing
  • Web Portal Plus – Managed Service

    What you can do

    •     Access the dashboard and customised reports for any monitoring you require

    What WebSend FiT system does

    •    Receive meter readings and relevant licensee paperwork
    •    Handle and optimise the entire payment claim to the licensee
    •    Verify payments and raise disputes as necessary
    •    Provide reconciliation reports of what has and hasn’t been paid
    •    Deliver HMRC VAT reports as required
    •    Supply end of financial year reports including accruals for accounts
    •    Provide financial forecasting as requested and agreed
    •    Provide customised reports and monitoring information as requested
    •    Include any bespoke options required e.g. a tenant portal


  • Contact David North, Head of Energy, today to find out more