This is a man’s world… No, it isn’t! Calling all female Devs…

By March 12, 2018Business

Technology has a gender problem, everyone knows that. But what are we doing to resolve this?

“We value diversity.  It is vital that all teams across our business are diverse and as inclusive as possible. We recognise there is a serious lack of gender equality in the world of coding so, for this reason, we are proud to support the campaign for gender balance in science, technology, and engineering (WISE)a campaign that drives awareness and aims to strengthen the future technology community.” states Tom Dodd-Noble, Managing Director.

Data Interconnect has become a member of the WISE Campaign to support the growth of women in tech. WISE enable and energise people in business, industry, and education to increase the participation, contribution and success of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Data Interconnect is an SME company with very big plans and needs more developers. Recruiting enterprise PHP developers is challenging, finding female PHP developers is proving impossible. Women make up just 6% of the developer workforce at Data Interconnect, and this is not through lack of trying to recruit female techies to fix our gender imbalance. And here’s why…

Only 11% of the UK Developer population is female – A recent statistic from the Pearson Frank Java, Web & PHP 2017 Salary Survey. In the web developer community, it is no secret that there are very few female developers.

Harry Dodd-Noble, Head of Product comments As a business, we are always looking for bright young talent with an aptitude for coding. Experience is good but the desire to learn is more important and encouraging female coders is really something that we want to help with right from the beginning of their career and even before, and we hope supporting WISE will be a small step in this journey.”

Zipporah Stephen, Business Analyst and member of the WISE Young Women’s Board says “There are so many career options that people are not aware of. It is imperative that the current pipeline heading into higher education or the workforce is aware of the options available. Whether it is STEM or other, gender-balanced teams outperform same-sex teams which result in better performance. I grew up in a culture where STEM was everyone’s aspiration. It was considered the smart and successful thing to do with life. With my innate curiosity to tackle what was considered the harder things in life, especially when I am told I cannot do something, this was exactly what I did! The opposite effect takes place in the UK, leading to the lowest scores in STEM participation. It is all about perception and helping students expand their horizons from what has become stereotypically avoided in society due to labels. I have looked into and documented various reasons that put girls off STEM and stop women from stepping into the STEM career ladder or drop off half way. My aim is to get girls and women aware of the possibilities that have been closed off to them over time and to encourage interest in these areas while promoting retention in corporations by supporting career development and maintaining a hospitable environment where women can thrive.”

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