Centralise to economise

Use Corrivo to reduce costs across multiple businesses 

Run all your credit operations from one team, even if they are based remotely.

Realise economies of scale by centalising credit operations – even if your team members work remotely or in different office locations.

If you are one of the many large organisations struggling to find ways to rationalise expenditure and focus its most skilled finance managers where they are needed most, Corrivo can help you bring  your business into a lean, efficient shape. The return on investment will be strong and without fail, will make a lasting difference to your balance sheet.

Enable collaborative team working from anywhere

Superb workflow tools in Corrivo enable team leaders to delegate or reassign cases dynamically to cover absences or to play into the skills of the team.  With features designed for companies and customer organisations with complex structures, your teams can manage accounts receiveable, collections or allocations across one or multiple companies. And if your customer organisations are also structured into different units – you can manage that easily too – Corrivo is designed to address the challenges many ERP systems struggle to address.

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Shared Service Centres

With all your experts in one focused team, you can manage credit operations for multiple companies, deploying credit tactics and flexing policies according to changing circumstances in an agile way. One highly skilled team can manage a larger workload with Corrivo than credit specialists in each business unit, where it takes time to roll out policy changes. Corrivo lets your finance team get smart, lean and efficient in an increasingly important area – credit control. Today, more than ever, credit teams need to be on top of their game to plug cashflow gaps causeed by global trading challenges affecting almost every sector.

What will the cost to your business be this year if you do not make your credit operations the smartest, sharpest team in your organisation? 

"83% of our clients' customers retrieve their documents within the first hour."

Global Beverage Manufacturer

Create lean, focused teams

All it takes is the right tool to make a professional credit manager handle three to five times the workload with ease and still add value.  That’s value they had no time to give and no data to use before Corrivo. Our clients tell us that they shift from firefighting a busy caseload to discovering new ways to improve account management within weeks of onboarding to Corrivo.   

Corrivo can take feeds from different ERP or order management systems, bringing all the data together so credit teams can  play to their strengths and optimise their performance for all the entities in your group structure.

"My team focus 100% on liaising with customers and meeting our finance targets and never get bogged down with data entry."

Clothing Manufacturer

Enable outsourced or shared services teams to work more effectively

If you’ve outsourced or centralised collections or other O2C functions, you need to empower agents with the information they need to answer questions and analyse issues. With Corrivo you can give third party users ‘need to know’ access to accounts they manage so they can see invoice status, view notes and queries, updates from teams and also see the account status to understand how close customers are to credit limits.

Don’t let the limitations of outsourced service provider software stop your suppliers from doing a good job. Give them access to the information they need with Corrivo and oversee performance from where you are. 

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Back office functions like accounts receivables are often the last to receive IT investment. If you are a sales led, customer driven company, implementing Corrivo gives your AR team the tools it needs to keep up with sales, turning orders into invoices and invoices into cash quickly and efficiently: fewer errors, queries, disputes, copy invoice requests and problems. With Corrivo, you get the tools for success that pay for themselves in how much they save you in time and cost every day.

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