Integrate Corrivo with your ERP systems

Compliment your ERP systems with specialised Enterprise Accounts Receivable platform built for speed and scale

Migrating or changing your ERP systems?

Use Corrivo for business continuity in AR while changing or migrating ERP systems. Corrivo is universally compatible with all ERP systems and can take feeds from multiple sources. If you use different systems across your enterprise, feed all your data into Corrivo and give all your Credit Controllers an independent, single source of truth for Accounts Receivable and Collections.

Do more

Designed to do the heavy lifting for high volume e-Invoicing, Corrivo creates, delivers and tracks invoices and any associated documents, like Proof of Delivery notes and Purchase Orders. 

No need to create invoices one by one – Corrivo takes data feeds from your ERP system and creates thousands of invoices at once. It then sends and tracks them by any delivery method.

Your teams have the tools to manage invoices, queries and accounts and follow through every step from Invoice to Cash in one, easy to use system.

Stay compliant with managed EDI

We manage your EDI output channels so that all your e-invoices are looked after with expert care. It also means, if you need to change the invoice format to comply with changes to local tax regulations, we can do that for you, ensuring you stay compliant and simplify the task of invoicing into countries with tax clearing models or einvoice mandates, such as Italy, France,  Spain and India.

Wherever you need to send your invoices, we can help you get the invoice there quickly – and we resolve EDI delivery issues quickly and with care.

Any data in, any delivery format out: Corrivo is compatible with all ERP systems

ERP systems offer limited functionality for bulk eInvoicing. Corrivo plugs those functionality gaps…

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Two key EU directives affecting all EU member states stimulated a wave of disruptive change…

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“Corrivo has given us the efficiency we needed to manage thousands of customer accounts more easily. ​
It took too many clicks to create a single invoice in our ERP system, and that’s just not practical. “

Global soft drinks manufacturer

Delivered anywhere​

Invoices created, delivered and tracked by any delivery method and in any EDI format​

Track invoice status via Corrivo and spot when you need to intervene​​

Accessible anywhere​

Customers can view invoices and other documents on mobile-friendly customers portals, 24×7​

Even EDI and Postal customers can view copies of invoices on portals as a back up​​​

Always Compliant​

Change templates and formats to meet your buyers’ requirements and local e-Invoice mandates​​

Translate templates into local languages or send in two languages​​​

Flexible and functional​

Basic e-Invoice software, including the packages offered by ERP vendors often lack the functionality needed by large organisations: they cannot usually present supporting documents like proof of delivery notes alongside invoices.

Even if the EDI format your customers use cannot accept attachments, customers can self-serve additional documentation via Corrivo customer portals – making less work for your credit control team and leaving no excuses for timely payment of invoices.​

Expertly adapted​

No need to call in systems integrators to make a change to invoice templates or destinations. We are on stand by to make any changes you need to stay compliant and efficient. It’s what we do.

Compare the ERP system vendor Accounts Receivable automation software with Corrivo​

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“We were introducing a shared service centre for all the companies in our group. Corrivo was perfect because it could take data from any source. We could make changes to our ERP systems with no impact on Accounts Receivable.”

FMCG company​

Designed for Accounts Receivable Teams​​

Tightly configured to your business needs​​​


Feature rich, built to make high volume invoicing easy to manage, not labour intensive​​​


Easily configured to meet your precise business model and company structure​​​


Invoice data isn’t always uniform and Corrivo can adapt to that without – no square pegs in round holes