Do you send more than 10,000 invoices per month to buyers?

Improve your finance productivity with Corrivo

 Build an end-to-end Credit Control solution to improve liquidity and working capital

We create solutions around each organisation’s unique challenges: every module is highly configurable

A Modular Solution for Accounts Receivable and Credit Control Teams

Start with Corrivo Optimus and add one or more modules to suit your business needs.

Automate your order to cash processes with Corrivo and transform your finance function

– reduce your carbon footprint too

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    Reduce Invoice sending costs to just a few pence

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    errors and exception handling

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    order-to-pay timeframes

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    Minimise Days Sales Outstanding

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    visibility of invoice and transaction status – be informed

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    your ability to forecast and report with richer data on across collections

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    connectivity with buyer AP networks

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    compliance with government tax mandates overseas

Corrivo Optimus

Corrivo Optimus takes in your order data from one or multiple ERP or order systems via a secure data transfer. Optimus transforms  your order data into XML so that it can be used to create invoices and letters for dispatch by your chosen methods, whether that’s EDI, secure emailed link and collection from a portal or even paper. There will always be a secure archived copy and a copy you can view on screen when you need to.

Corrivo Optimus is the secure foundation to any Corrivo implementation – whether that’s an end-to-end Order-to-Cash solution or a way to improve collections or dispute management.