Our Culture

About Our Team

Data Interconnect celebrates its diverse cross-cultural workforce. Our impartiality towards new and different ways of doing things, considering the views of others and our genuine openness to diversity ensures that we maintain a fair and equal culture within our organisation.

Living Our Company Values

We adopted a whole company approach to developing our values which are positioned around our Customers. We practice our values every day and they form the fabric of our company DNA and culture.


We are committed to understanding our customers’ business and their priorities. We put their success at the heart of our decisions across the business. We don’t go for good service, we go for great.


We follow-up and follow through. We take ownership, we take the initiative and we take responsibility for the results. No blame, no excuses. Colleagues and customers trust and respect us for that.


We are quick to adapt and keen to adopt new techniques, technologies and ways of working in order to achieve a positive outcome for our customers and to deliver great products that remain relevant to our market.


We are reliable people: true to our values, loyal and true no matter what. We build stable, responsive products with ‘always on’ availability. Our customers and colleagues depend on us to deliver.


We are committed to innovation and the continuous improvement of our products and customer experience. We collaborate cross-functionally to inspire new ideas and thrive on bringing them to life. We are keen to voice ideas for improvements for our business or and our products.


Data security is everyone’s business. We protect our customers’ data and our own data with equal passion. We all uphold our Security Policy and remain compliant with ISO standards and GDPR policies. We keep our product at or above industry standards.

Training and Development

Our Training Strategy encourages continuous learning and development. We have a collection of training practices which include, on-the-job learning, mentoring and coaching, in-house training and individual study options to suit all learning styles.

We strive to offer every member of the Data Interconnect family, a positive and encouraging working environment where they can feel part of the team and fulfil their full potential.

Data Interconnect Team Focus - Andrés Fernández
PHP Developer

Data Interconnect is constantly recruiting the best PHP Developers from all over the world. We are especially pleased to welcome Andrés to our team. Andrés has been employed by several large corporate Spanish financial organisations. He has over sixteen years of solid IT experience from COBOL to PHP. This is the first time that Andrés has worked outside of Spain. He has been with Data Interconnect for twelve weeks and has a lot to say about his first impressions of Data Interconnect.

Andrés comments

“The programming level is exceptionally high, and you have complete autonomy over your projects. I particularly enjoy this as I am aware of the expectation and enjoy managing my projects. The team are very responsible and professional; we are committed to producing our best work and this results in the highest standard of code. Team interaction through daily stand-up meetings encourages the pooling of ideas and experience, which surfaces our best solutions and proposals. I enjoy the fact that our opinions are always heard and that like-minded colleagues surround me. The atmosphere is very positive, and we enjoy strong team camaraderie. Help is always on hand, and there is a real sense and drive to be the best that we can be.

I love working here. I was used to seeing the lack of responsibility, under-hand play and generally a lack of respect in previous roles. At Data Interconnect, I haven’t seen anything like that, there is zero politics, the people are sincere, transparent, accommodating and very friendly. They are very social, and we work in an environment of balance. Our career paths are truly defined by our personal and professional commitment and growth. I love the diverse and positive environment I work in. Joining the company has been a brilliant experience for me. I was welcomed as part of the team from day one.

The management team have a high degree of emotional intelligence. They take the time to make everyone comfortable, think nothing of taking the whole company out for the day to socialise. They take account of everyone, the feelings of that person, and always take the time to ask how you are and doing? You don’t expect that from companies today, but at Data Interconnect, it is a given”.

“Really nice place to work. Management is awesome and team mates are really nice. Also there is real talent in there and a big deal of innovation and commitment with new technologies. People are very very professional. A really great place to work.”

Andrés Fernández

“I have worked for this company for a year already and it is an amazing company and the team are fantastic and down to earth. Everyone wants to help and learn. It a fun working environment.”