Go paperless and improve sustainability

Flawless, error free invoicing, without paper, post or PDFs

Less packaging, paper and printing

Extend your sustainability principles through to your Order to Cash process.  If you still send a proportion of your invoices and reminders letters on paper, we can help you encourage customers to adopt paperless invoice delivery methods. 

Greening the supply chain

Align your desire for efficiency, accuracy and scalability in Accounts Receivable with your corporate objective to improve sustainability and switch to electronic invoicing with Corrivo.  Modernise and accelerate your invoicing processes with a move that is also better for the environment. It’s a move that your colleagues and customers can buy into: a net reduction in your carbon footprint and improved convenience and ease of access to invoices and associated documents.

Reduce your carbon footprint and your workload:

Use Corrivo to remove the repetitive tasks from Accounts Receivable and Collections for more efficient, productive and motivated teams.

Paper and ePODs

Many businesses are now rolling out ePODs using handheld electronic devices to capture proof of delivery. This means a single order can be associated with multiple paper POD formats and electronic ones too. Find out how we are helping our clients to address this problem and get paid faster.

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Better for customers

Reduce paper usage and the carbon footprint of your invoices and give your customers more choice. Let them collect invoices from a secure online portal or request invoices via EDI. Whatever method they choose, the customer experience will be more energy, time and resource efficient and convenient and that improves their perception of your company.

Better for the environment

With Corrivo Billing, you get a time logged audit trail of when invoices were delivered and viewed, and by whom. It’s like a proof of delivery, but for invoices. Customers can’t hide behind excuses about missing invoices because you have your Invoice POD and they can self serve copy There is a carbon cost to your Order to Cash processes.  Using eInvoicing saves you:

Paper, Printer Ink & Cartridges,Postage & Processesing time.

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Independent study by sustainability company Best Foot Award

Connect to Corrivo to plug in to eInvoicing efficiency

If you’ve declared your sustainability targets and sourcing policies, maybe it’s time to go paperless in your back office and make a difference there too. 

Back office functions like accounts receivables are often the last to receive IT investment. If you are a sales led, customer driven company, implementing Corrivo gives your AR team the tools it needs to keep up with sales, turning orders into invoices and invoices into cash quickly and efficiently: fewer errors, queries, disputes, copy invoice requests and problems. With Corrivo, you get the tools for success that pay for themselves in how much they save you in time and cost every day.

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