Corrivo Dispute 

Corrivo Dispute is designed for Credit Management teams everywhere. It is an intuitive module of the powerful automated Corrivo invoice-to-cash solution which includes Corrivo Billing and Corrivo Collection, helping you to resolve disputes faster.

Managing cases to closure with control

The powerful case management and workflow tools in the Corrivo Dispute module help Credit Managers investigate, track and resolve cases with outstanding efficiency. All relevant documents and case history are immediately available from one screen, making it easy to analyse and resolve cases calmly and quickly.

Corrivo Dispute helps track invoice queries and disputes, enabling you to identify exactly which payments are delayed, why they’re delayed and tracks them through from escalation to resolution. Corrivo Dispute comes with central audit trail, client/customer portal reporting, preventative dispute analysis along with disputed value, reason codes, dispute status and more.

Identify and remediate upstream issues

Queries become disputes when their resolution requires more detailed investigation and information gathering. Corrivo Dispute helps Credit Managers keep track of cases while referring to other departments or subcontractors. Corrivo lets you organise caseloads by disputed value or days overdue and helps you keep sight of priorities in your personal dashboard.

Complex cases present a roadblock to payment, impeding cashflow and straining customer relationships.  Corrivo helps Credit Managers to collate information, keep track of priorities, identify patterns and do the important work of settling disputes.

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The Corrivo Disputes module lets you track invoice disputes through to closure, keeping all related data to hand, helping  you schedule and monitor remediation actions to keep customer service levels high.


With every document, note and customer interaction logged and easily available it’s easy to view, analyse and report on cases to ensure the root cause analysis is remediated to prevent repeats of the same issue.


Manage issues arising from invoices across all areas of your business.  Give access to every division or subgroup’s cases to a central team to investigate, resolve and feed back to your operations and sales teams. This allows your whole organisation to benefit from your learning.


With Corrivo Disputes you can modify your approach on a case by case basis to address the specific situation effectively without being constrained by hard-coded rules.  Set rules, follow them or adjust them as necessary to find the best solution to every problem. 

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