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Plug into the cloud for Invoice to Cash Functionality Without Coding

Build a stronger future

Your business relies on economies of scale to secure bulk discounts that you translate into great prices for your customers. Late payers cause cashflow constraints that stop your procurement team from stocking your warehouses and fulfilling customer orders.

Get the best tools for your Credit Management team 

Give your AR team the tools to keep up with sales, delivering invoices as fast as you can deliver the goods to customers. With Corrivo you get an accounts receivable system as tightly configured to your business as your ERP system is – without coding, without modifying your ERP system and without hassle.

Match invoices to PODs and give sales visibility of account status

Get Proof of Delivery for Invoices

With Corrivo Billing, you get a time logged audit trail of when invoices were delivered and viewed, and by whom. It’s like a proof of delivery, but for invoices. Customers can’t hide behind excuses about missing invoices because you have your Invoice POD and they can self serve copy invoices any time on a mobile  friendly customer portal branded for your business.  You can even integrate customer invoice portals with your ecommerce system so buyers can order online and click to view invoices easily once logged in. Your branding, your same invoice design – only digital, and all the proofs of delivery for orders neatly collected up and available to view with invoices.

Find out how we match your delivery notes, or PODs to invoices, so customers get PODs with invoices, even if deliveries are split.  

Solve your POD Problems

Split deliveries are common in some industries, yet this alone creates a challenge for Accounts Receivable. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of valuable cashflow can be trapped in disputed invoices due to one thing: the PODs not being with the invoice when the customer needs them. 

Multiple PODs and multiple POD formats

Many of our clients have grown through acquisition – which means they inherit the Proof of Delivery system that is in situ at the company they’ve just bought or merged with. It can take time to standardise the delivery note format across a large organisation with hundreds of warehouse sites. While you have many POD formats in operation, that’s adding to the challenges of the customer’s Accounts Payable team, who will want to check orders, invoices and delivery notes to ensure that delivery has been taken for all goods and line items before they pay the invoice amount. 

Paper and ePODs

Many businesses are now rolling out ePODs using handheld electronic devices to capture proof of delivery. This means a single order can be associated with multiple paper POD formats and electronic ones too. Find out how we are helping our clients to address this problem and get paid faster.

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Integrate invoicing and eCommerce

We’ve gathered the facts from a range of sources to help you understand the trends, the mindset and the winning tactics that are shaping business to business ecommerce strategies and that ensure Accounts Receivable doesn’t end up swamped in paperwork, queried invoices and a whole new world of problems.

"The number of invoice queries fell sharply once we went live with Corrivo. It has made a real difference to our credit metrics already."

Specialist Industrial Manufacturer
how to get maximum use out of your erp in the accounts receivable department
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Connect to Corrivo to plug in to eInvoicing efficiency

If you’ve grown your business, changed your structure, invested in your ERP system to gear up for higher sales volumes, your shareholders and executive team will be happy. But what about your Accounts team?  Can your head office Treasury team get a snapshot of your credit picture and DSO per ledger or division? Can the Sales and Customer Service teams see why accounts are on stop? 

We solved these problems for our client by implementing eInvoicing across the business with Corrivo. Head office, Sales and Customer Service can see account status, and can see why unpaid invoices with one division of the company are taking the customer account to, or beyond the credit limit set by the group. And, they didn’t need to change a thing in their industry-specific, highly customised ERP system. They simply connected their ERP to our cloud platform securely. We take order data and turn it into invoices that get sent to customers immediately.  

PDF to Portal Invoicing

Download this PDF or read online to see what you can gain by making the switch to portal based eInvoicing:

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Enable outsourced or shared services teams to work more effectively

If you’ve outsourced or centralised collections or other O2C functions, you need to empower agents with the information they need to answer questions and analyse issues. With Corrivo you can give third party users ‘need to know’ access to accounts they manage so they can see invoice status, view notes and queries, updates from teams and also see the account status to understand how close customers are to credit limits.

Don’t let the limitations of outsourced service provider software stop your suppliers from doing a good job. Give them access to the information they need with Corrivo and oversee performance from where you are. 

We look at the pros and cons of outsourcing and offer our experience of helping our clients make offshoring work well for them in their finance back-office processes.

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Connect all areas of your business with a joined up solution that works for group companies.

Corrivo has powerful multi-level hierarchy features that enable parent companies to view across a group or drill down to a ‘child’ company or a single ledger. Corrivo gives users the ability to see only what is relevant to their role, but if you are in the group finance function, you may want to see what’s happening in Receivables across multiple ledgers, companies or business units. That’s all possible with Corrivo – designed for agile commerical enterprises.

Back office functions like accounts receivables are often the last to receive IT investment. If you are a sales led, customer driven company, implementing Corrivo gives your AR team the tools it needs to keep up with sales, turning orders into invoices and invoices into cash quickly and efficiently: fewer errors, queries, disputes, copy invoice requests and problems. With Corrivo, you get the tools for success that pay for themselves in how much they save you in time and cost every day.

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