Invoicing Public Sector Organisations (B2G)

Comprehensive eInvoicing solutions for suppliers

Meet eInvoicing requirements effectively

In a drive to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve tax compliance, the mandatory use of eInvoicing is being phased in across the EU, UK and elsewhere.  Large organisations are required to submit invoices to public sector organisations using EDI. 

The rules and formats for electronic invoices can vary by country and by customer, causing supplier costs to escalate. Data Interconnect provides an intelligent platform capable of multiple delivery methods and formats to streamline finance operations and solve compliance challenges.

Avoid escalating costs and complexity

Instead of creating separate processes just for electronic invoices, use the opportunity to adopt a single solution for all invoices and manage all accounts receivable activity in the same way.  It’ can make the difference between process fragmentation and escalating costs, and economies of scale that liberate staff time, and reduce order to cash timescales.

Add the expertise

Keep your credit team and IT resources focused on managing orders and invoices and rely on experts to set up, monitor and manage your EDI connections. It’s our speciality, and we manage EDI at scale with expertise and care.

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Future-proofing against compliance challenges

eInvoicing mandates are changing. Several EU member states are adopting a clearing model where invoices must be pre-approved by tax authorities, in line with India and areas of South America. Whatever solution you have for eInvoicing today, make sure it’s able to adapt to changing requirements efficiently.

Instead of letting compliance add cost and diminish profitability, move to a future-ready solution that can adapt as your needs change. With Corrivo, you will make AR a value creator for your business, not a cost centre.

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One platform for all your invoices

Use the move to eInvoicing as a chance to put efficiency, data transparency and collaborative working at the heart of your finance function. Instead of persisting with multiple systems,  teams and processes for invoicing in different pockets of your organisation or group, unify all receivables data on one platform and gain instant oversight across your receivables book along with the means to enable each business unit to act independently.  Switch to Corrivo from Data Interconnect: our fourth generation cloud solution that supports the complete order to cash cycle. 

Integrated with your ERP Systems

Connect your ERP systems to Corrivo to turn orders into invoices that are accurate, trackable and efficiently delivered to customers as eInvoices. Even if your business uses more than one ERP system, data for invoicing can be simply and securely integrated so that Corrivo is part of your finance infrastructure.

Corrivo has proven integrations with all the major ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle and more.

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