Let us handle your postal workload

Business critical documents in hand 

Corrivo Mailroom can handle your last remaining postal documents. Data Interconnect provides full support for migration campaigns to help new organisations using Corrivo to encourage their customers to switch to receiving eInvoices instead of paper. While that takes off, Corrivo Mailroom handles the printing and posting of paper invoices and reminder letters.

Lower costs per invoice 

Excellent cost savings can be achieved when you migrate your invoice customers to electronic invoices, but you can also reduce your paper invoice costs by outsourcing to Data Interconnect. Our economies of scale mean we can print and post for less and, if you have overseas invoices, we can even reduce the time and cost of issuing those.

Faster order-to-cash timescales 

Your invoices will be printed and posted within 24 hours of orders being placed. If you regularly send invoices overseas, our Corrivo mailrooms in Europe and the US will print and post documents locally, saving mailing time and postage costs.

Back-up plans for email issues

What happens to your outgoing invoices and reminders when employees leave or email addresses change? Corrivo eInvoicing gives you certainty of delivery and flags up when an email was rejected by the recipient’s server or not opened. In such cases, Corrivo Mailroom acts as your default back up. Invoices and letters are faxed or posted to the alternate addresses quickly and efficiently. Once your business enjoys the superb speed-to-cash from using Corrivo Billing, you’ll want to maintain your benchmark settlement times on invoices. Corrivo Mailroom is on standby when you need it.

How It Works


Use postal reminder letters to get your customer’s attention

Send copies of your most important reminder letters by post to minimise DSO and aged debt

Guarantee business continuity in any circumstances

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    Reduce the cost per postal document by leveraging our economies of scale
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    Using our in-country mailrooms your international documents will arrive sooner
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    Attract attention to your remimder letters
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    Reduce the total cost of ownership by removing materials and machines from your AR function
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    Remove the paper from your office while you reduce it further

Use Corrivo Mailroom to

  • streamline AR & Credit Management processes
  • enhance operational efficiency
  • drive down costs and improve reporting