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Corrivo’s billing module is the first step to delivering radical cost and time-efficiency to your company’s AR processes. With Corrivo Billing in place, your company can easily add modules to support Collection, reconciliation and Allocation.  Furthermore, to support your Days Beyond Terms processes, there’s the Corrivo Dispute, module.  Used together, they provide  a complete Invoice to Cash solution.

Corrivo Billing - the smart business tool your company needs

Corrivo Billing provides Accounts Receivable teams with the platform they need to work efficiently in any situation.  It enables you to increase end-to-end invoicing visibility, implement real-time invoice delivery, improve payment forecast projections, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and accelerate positive client communications. Corrivo Billing breaks down the barriers to payment and speeds up your invoice-to-cash process.

Corrivo Optimus transforms your incoming data into DiXML, and Corrivo Billing uses this to create invoices in the desired format for each account. A copy is safely stored in a secure archive and the originals are sent out by any method you choose. You can even send out an invoice by multiple methods, for example emailed PDF and a link to the customer portal.

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Your invoices, only digital

When you come on board we recreate your invoices digitally so that the online invoice looks exactly like your original, from fonts and logos to the full layout and wording. Every detail is covered, ensuring your eInvoicing truly represents your business needs.

Manage your workflow

From your view of Corrivo you can manage open invoices, put accounts on and off stop, view credit limits and anything else you would wish to see to manage the Accounts Receivable process.

With an abundance of features as standard, and plenty of optional extras like Single Sign On, you can create a platform for your business that works the way you want it to.

Encourage eInvoicing

Data Interconnect has a long and successful history of helping our clients convert their customers from postal documents to eBilling. Today, 87% of all documents generated by Corrivo are sent electronically. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to ensure that you achieve the highest eBilling conversion rate possible. There’s a clear correlation between how quickly invoices are settled and whether they are sent electronically, and you’ll be making huge time and cost savings.

Let customers click to view invoices

With a time-expiring secure link to the eInvoice portal, a customer can click to view, download or interact with you regarding a document they’ve received. They can add notes, raise queries or upload PoDs.  Everything is there on a window showing only their open invoices.

Built for you

With an abundance of features as standard, and plenty of optional extras like Single Sign On, you can create a platform for your business that works the way you want it to.

Support for every invoicee

At Data Interconnect we support every one of your customers, as well as you. If your invoice recipients need help accessing the customer portal first time round, or want to apply Single Sign On at their end for even more convenience, we’re here to help.

What could you do with Corrivo Billing?


Eliminate paper from your office.  Automate invoice production with Corrivo so that any documents that need to be posted or faxed will be sent from Corrivo Mailrooms in the UK or overseas. 


Send Corrivo data from your ERP or order management system and your invoices will be created and sent for you by email, secure weblink or EDI.  We can even post invoices where needed.


Corrivo gives you complete visibility of invoice statuses from creation to delivery. Every time your customers view an invoice or reminder letter, you’ll have a time-stamped audit trail.  


Corrivo is not a costly add-on to an ERP system and has almost no support overhead for your IT department. Allow your collections team to function effectively, and independently of any other IT transformation projects taking place.


Corrivo supports businesses centralising AR or unifying teams across split sites. A wide range of configurable features for group companies allow teams or business units to operate independently, and yet be overseen by a central finance team.


Corrivo Collections improves productivity so you can achieve more in less time and with fewer staff. Reduce your per-document cost and number of reminder letters with a timely and efficient process that helps reduce aged debt.

Easy implementation

Corrivo can take data from any ERP system in any structured format.  Get set up in weeks and watch your department transform into a centre of best practice and high performance.


Choose from a wide range of optional features to shape a solution that’s a custom fit for your business.  Add modules as your needs change and extend the benefits to new areas of your finance department.


No matter how many companies in your group or how many business entities you support from one finance team, all your ways of working can be accommodated.


Corrivo helps you gain and maintain compliance with tax regulations in any country you wish to sell into and any AP network or EDI format. 


Corrivo is designed for ease of use. Plus, our dedicated Customer Success Managers are on standby for you and your invoice customers.

Optional Features  – Powering Up your e-Billing Processes

Corrivo's quick-to-learn modules

  • simplify the Credit Management process
  • empower time-poor AR teams
  • deliver tangible Return on Investment
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