Focused on results

Corrivo Collection enables Credit Managers to excel at the critical work of ensuring invoices are settled while maintaining good customer relationships. Users can visualise their workload, set targets and easily exceed them by closing cases quickly and effectively.  Built on best practice with over twenty years’ experience supporting credit teams, Corrivo Collection is the go-to product for commercially driven Credit Management professionals.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Corrivo Collection builds on the workflow and dashboard functionality in Corrivo Billing, creating, sending and filing all your templated letters and documents. Corrivo Collection helps you design your collections processes, set targets, keep track and organise your workload with ease.

Real-time credit management

Corrivo Collection improves time management, supports credit control, uplifts team productivity and makes more cash available for your business.  Corrivo Collection eases essential Credit Management reporting with powerful dashboards that help you measure progress across accounts.  With the flexibility to create multiple chase paths, automated Dunning reminders, escalation tracking, and allocate cases to collections team members, Corrivo Collection puts what you need where you need it, simplifying payment projection and streamlining internal and external communication.

Corrivo Collection can also be used alongside your own eInvoicing capability, simply to manage your collections with efficiency.


Create chase paths with any combination of staged letters and reminder calls and apply them to specific accounts or invoices.  Gain the flexibility to create new chase paths or adapt existing ones to meet changing economic conditions and operating objectives. Apply chase paths based on different invoice terms, values or accounts and match the collections approach to the specific situation.


The Corrivo Call Scheduler shapes your workload by showing all the reminder calls due that day.  Keep contact details and case histories easily accessible so calls can be made swiftly, efficiently and without the frustration of looking up related documents in multiple locations. Less effort in administration means more focus on the quality of interaction with customers for better results.


Corrrivo’s intelligent automation creates your Dunning letters for you. Set them to be dispatched automatically or upon approval and you will know, at all times, exactly what the status of each invoice and account is. Be sure that your letters have been created and dispatched on time, every time, and know for sure when customers have viewed their letters on their customer portal.

Use Corrivo Collections to uprate your finance team’s performance

Corrivo Collections helps manage all your reminder letters, calls and escalation actions.  It can also help you collect online card payments.

With a feed of your invoice data and customer accounts we can provide your Collections Managers with Corrivo to organise workflow, analyse data and escalate queries and disputes.

Use Corrivo Collections in conjunction with Corrivo Billing for optimum efficiency.

Watch your productivity soar with Corrivo

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    Work smarter with automation taking the strain and easy-to-use dashboards to visualise priorities.

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    With all your collections activities organised in a single interface, your teams will be able to take ownership of collections and manage their workloads with increased efficiency.

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    With an organised workload, your credit teams can focus on customer engagement and relationship building.

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    Use the detailed information available on account histories to create management information reports that support improved performance or remediation of root cause issues.

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    Be more agile and responsive in your handling of credit control to apply strategies that work best for your unique business ecosystem.

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    Better handling of collection processes reduces bad debt and liberates working capital. Your teams can achieve more when everything they needs is easily accessible.

Corrivo Collection features

Corrivo's quick-to-learn modules

  • streamline and automate the collections process
  • empower teams to engage more closely with customers
  • set, exceed and reset targets to drive down aged debt
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