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WebSend - A paperless digital delivery solution that supports your sustainability strategy

Fully integrated order to cash

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Get Paid Faster

Everything we do improves cash flow and enhances collection efficiency

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Data Interconnect. We provide bespoke order to cash solutions for large organisations.

 Our order to cash software solutions are effective and put your customers at the core of your business revenue strategy.

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“Everything we do ensures you get paid faster”

One Provider. One Solution
  • A Fully Integrated Order to Cash Solution

    Sales Order     |    eBilling    |    Document Delivery     |     Credit Control    |    Dispute Management    |    Payment Receipt

  • Order to Cash

    For over 20 years Data Interconnect has worked closely with clients to understand the complications associated with the Order to Cash function. WebSend Order to Cash integrates seamlessly with all ERPs. Client and customer portals allow clear two-way lines of communication from any device 24/7, the ability to send & retrieve documents and for customers to make payments. 100% traceability and visibility of your complete order to cash cycle.

    A seamless process

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  • Why choose WebSend Order to Cash?

    WebSend Order to Cash transforms the manual and time-consuming elements of processing large quantities of financial documents. We work closely with our clients to deliver agile solutions in a digital environment. For over 20 years, our continued commitment, research and development of our solution means we can provide our clients with the very best service.

    Electronic Transactions – The Smart Way

    Replace paper invoices and financial documents with smart, efficient digital transactions via the cloud.

    Better bottom line

    Proven to reduce collection cycle time and billing expenses, help businesses get paid faster, reduce Days Sales Outstanding and improve cash flow.

    Simple to Use

    The configurable platform allows businesses transparency including a branded customer portal with online payment options.

    Robust Functionality

    Complete billing and payment solution with industry leading features designed to meet the needs of any business.

    Scalable Modular Solution for All Industries

    Support the complex billing and payment needs of medium to large organisations.

    Improve Customer Experience & Develop Stronger Relationships

    Create better customer experience and reduce the collection process expense.


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