The Accounts Receivable platform

from the eInvoicing & collections experts

Collect in any country, in any tax format and using any eInvoicing method

The modular, RPA enabled Order-to-Cash Software Platform from eInvoicing experts

Trusted software from Data Interconnect: pioneers of eInvoicing & RPA


Improve Cashflow

Automate invoice creation, dispatch and allocation and reduce aged debt and days sales outstanding


Minimise Aged Debt

Reduce collection time with eInvoices and customer activity tracking on a self-service portal           


Streamline Processes

Automate manual tasks and free up staff for value added account handling and dispute resolution         

Track invoice status from order to cash

Know for certain when invoices are delivered, viewed, downloaded, queried, paid or part paid. Track  progress with a time-stamped audit trail and gain access to powerful data insights. 

Modular, scalable, robust and simple to use

Just eInvoicing or the complete order-to-cash workflow

Universally Interoperable

Integrates with any or multiple ERP or Order Management Systems for a tightly integrated solution


Globally Compliant

Templates built to your brand design in a tax compliant format for any jurisdiction to maximise your market reach


EDI Compatible

Works with EDIFACT, PEPPOL or any proprietary EDI format  allowing you to sell to any country or public sector body


Enterprise Scalable

Supports group structures allowing for centralised management of back office functions in shared service centres


Build a complete Order-to-Cash Solution with all four modules

Interact with invoice customers through a self-service portal to capture queries, remittance advices and even payments

Order data in, eInvoices out; in any format, for any country that you sell into

Capture and view customer queries, comments, document uploads  from your Corrivo interface – even notes of phone calls

Improve collections with online interaction and payment via a self-service einvoice portal

Manage disputes efficiently taking insights from patterns to drive upstream improvements at the point of order or sale

Make informed decisions and handle dispute cases even ore effectively

Automated allocations use machine learning to apply  payments against open invoices for fast cash allocation

Automate reconciliation of payments using machine learning

Use Corrivo to centralise finance operations

Centralising and improving accounts receivable for multiple entities in a group structure delivers superb economies. Corrivo is designed to support the move to shared service centres, consolidating order data from many systems, presenting AR and credit management teams with everything they need to transform legacy complexity into elegant efficiency.

Use Corrivo for auditablity and tax compliance

Corrivo supports eInvoicing in countries where tax authorities require pre-approval of invoices before issuance. With connections to all the major Accounts Payable networks, Corrivo is your passport to global sales into enterprises, public sector bodies and highly regulated industries.

"ebilling saved us 76% in costs this year giving us a fast return on investment."

Logistics Company

"Corrivo has streamlined our processes and helped us reduce debtor days"

Global Electronics Distributor

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Reduce Collection Time

Streamline Process

Improve Reporting

Data Interconnect customers improve their cash flow, enhance collection efficiency
and optimise their Accounts Receivables every day with Corrivo


adoption by customers


return on investment


reduction in time to cash


uplift in performance