Corrivo Connect

An entry point to Corrivo for medium sized businesses 

Easy Onboarding

Corrivo was designed for the complex needs of global enterprises but is now accessible to medium sized businesses that want to access its rich functionality with less IT input or up-front investment.

Users of popular Sage packages, Oracle Netsuite(TM) and other ERP and accounting platforms can connect directly to Corrivo and adjust pre-defined templates to their company identity.  The Corrivo Connect option comes with Billing, Disputes and Collections functionality built in to give Credit Teams the same powerful tools used by global Shared Service Centres and major corporations to manage thousands of invoices per week.  


Flexible Deployment

The package provides all the core functionality of Corrivo Billing, Collections and Disputes and still offers the flexibility to add optional features to enrich your implementation. Ranging from custom designed reports to online card payments, Corrivo’s modular design means you can create a solution that addresses your business needs at the get-go or at any time. Move your Finance function into the age of digital insight by invoicing customers through self-service portals and a combination of other methods, such as EDI where needed. There is a wealth of data and easy-to use features with one-click drill down that put the key information within easy reach of your Credit Managers.  

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Maximise Efficiency

Drawing data directly from your ERP system, Corrivo will generate and deliver invoices for you,  logging when anyone from your organisation or a customer’s businesss acccesses those invoices or copies. 

You can adjust or add to pre-built collections sequences, adapting them to your working practices, then apply those sequences to individual accounts, giving some a low-touch treatment and some a highly personal approach to collections involving multiple telephone calls. 

And, with the smart features within Query and Dispute modules your teams will be able to resolve cases quickly, prevent repeat scenarios and keep outstandings down to lower levels than ever before. 

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Integrate invoicing and eCommerce

We’ve gathered the facts from a range of sources to help you understand the trends, the mindset and the winning tactics that are shaping business to business ecommerce strategies and that ensure Accounts Receivable doesn’t end up swamped in paperwork, queried invoices and a whole new world of problems.

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Switch on to data driven Accounts Receivable

Connect to Corrivo to plug in to e-invoicing efficiency

If you’ve grown your business, changed your structure, invested in your ERP system to gear up for higher sales volumes, your shareholders and executive team will be happy. But what about your Accounts team?  Can your head office Treasury team get a snapshot of your credit picture and DSO per ledger or division? Can the Sales and Customer Service teams see why accounts are on stop? 

We solved these problems for our client by implementing eInvoicing across the business with Corrivo. Head office, Sales and Customer Service can see account status, and can see why unpaid invoices with one division of the company are taking the customer account to, or beyond the credit limit set by the group. And, they didn’t need to change a thing in their industry-specific, highly customised ERP system. They simply connected their ERP to our cloud platform securely. We take order data and turn it into invoices that get sent to customers immediately.  

PDF to Portal Invoicing

Download this PDF or read online to see what you can gain by making the switch to portal based eInvoicing:

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Don’t let the limitations of outsourced service provider software stop your suppliers from doing a good job. Give them access to the information they need with Corrivo and oversee performance from where you are. 

Connect all areas of your business with a joined up solution that works for group companies.

Corrivo has powerful multi-level hierarchy features that enable parent companies to view across a group or drill down to a ‘child’ company or a single ledger. Corrivo gives users the ability to see only what is relevant to their role, but if you are in the group finance function, you may want to see what’s happening in Receivables across multiple ledgers, companies or business units. That’s all possible with Corrivo – designed for agile commerical enterprises.

Back office functions like accounts receivables are often the last to receive IT investment. If you are a sales led, customer driven company, implementing Corrivo gives your AR team the tools it needs to keep up with sales, turning orders into invoices and invoices into cash quickly and efficiently: fewer errors, queries, disputes, copy invoice requests and problems. With Corrivo, you get the tools for success that pay for themselves in how much they save you in time and cost every day.

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