Corrivo For CFOs & Financial Directors

At Data Interconnect we understand the continuous pressure CFOs, and Financial Directors are under to improve Working Capital, Company Profitability and minimise bad debt.

We help to streamline the Invoice to Cash process, by automating the time-consuming manual tasks which hinder Credit Management.

Corrivo Invoice to Cash Solution simplifies the order to cash process:

  • Improves cash flow, reduces debt and prevents late payment
  • Reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) and other KPIs
  • Increases speed and efficiency of cash collection
  • Reduces transaction costs through the efficient use of automation
  • Frees up resources for other tasks while delivering invoices
  • Lowers print, paper and postage costs through e-Billing
  • Improves customer relationships and customer retention rates
  • Reduces the duplication of effort from system to system
  • Improves Financial reporting

"83% of our clients' customers retrieve their documents within the first hour"

Global Beverage Manufacturer

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