Corrivo For Credit Controllers

Corrivo Invoice to Cash Automation makes time-poor Credit Controller’s jobs less complex. Collecting cash has never been easier, see who to chase, how much is owed and the full chase history. Corrivo’s easy-to-use portal allows you to view all your relevant sales invoices, proof of delivery (POD) and correspondence in one place, helping you to plan your day and have better conversations with your customers.

Spend less time gathering information from multiple sources, sending copies of invoices, listening to customers delay tactics. Corrivo is made for Credit Control, is quick and easy-to-learn and puts you in control. Corrivo helps you get paid faster.

Corrivo Invoice to Cash Solution helps you to:

  • Reduce debtor days
  • Improve cash flow
  • Speed up credit control tasks
  • Target the right customers
  • Avoid hearing the same old delay excuses
  • View information from multiple sources in a unified portal
  • Know who to chase, when, with full chase history
  • Review PODs, sales invoices and relevant correspondence faster
  • Collect all payment types, cash, cheque and online payments
  • Exceed your collection targets.

"The Corrivo Solution has streamlined our internal process and helped us to reduce debtor days"

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