Corrivo For Credit Control Managers

Corrivo Invoice to Cash Automation empowers Credit Control Departments to do what they do best – collect cash fast.

Corrivo reduces administration, reconciles invoice and payment more efficiently and collects all types of funds; cash, cheque and online payment. Corrivo’s powerful reporting capabilities provide a 360° view of your Credit Management landscape, identifying where urgent collection action is required to meet and exceed Collection goals.

Corrivo Invoice to Cash Solution helps you to:

  • Improve your Collections effectiveness
  • Monitor Credit Control functions
  • Generate more cash within the business
  • Provide insightful and meaningful reporting highlighting potential debtor issues
  • Exceed collection targets by deploying your team on the right tasks
  • Remove unnecessary layers of administration
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Chase more customers every day
  • Improves Credit Team productivity
  • Convert Customers from paper documents to eBilling

"eBilling has saved us 76% in costs this year giving us a fast return on investment"

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