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Corrivo News November 2020

Read on to find out more about new and forthcoming features that we’re bringing on stream as part of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. You will also see a Feature in Focus section, exploring features you may not yet have discovered. The aim is to help you get more out of Corrivo and give more value back to your business by using the tools to your advantage. Each issue, we will also introduce you to members of our team, so you can put a face to a name.

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Corrivo News

What's New

Single Sign On

We have introduced a new method of enabling Single Sign On for Corrivo Users so when you log into your company’s systems you can be automatically logged in to Corrivo. In addition to JWT, we can now support SAMLv2. This can save you precious time. What is more, we can also support your customers to use Single Sign On (JWT method) when they access the portal to retrieve invoices.

Download Invoices in Excel Format

Invoices can now be downloaded from Corrivo in Excel format (.xlsx) as well as PDFThis will make it easier to use the invoices data for reporting and modelling.  Your invoice customers will be able to download in Excel too.  

Advanced Search Gets Even Better:

We have now extended the Advanced Search function so that it is possible to search for Accounts based on a number of parameters such as ‘all accounts on stop’ or ‘all accounts that receive invoices by post’.

Billing Module - What's New

We have made it easy for Corrivo Users to send any part of an account statement by email. Simply select the open invoices you want, click button, and you can send those invoices by email from another browser window. This should help managing queries and with internal reporting.  

Collections Module - What's New

You can already design a chase path that automatically puts an account ‘on stop’ under certain conditions. Now you can also design a chase path to take the account ‘off stop’ automatically too, allowing you to continue extending credit to customers and keep orders coming in. 

Disputes Module - What's New

The workflow tools in Corrivo are very popular, so we have extended the ‘reassign’ feature to the Disputes module. Now you can reassign a dispute case to another team member to ensure that someone else can cover the case when you are not working.  

Whats Coming

Instant Updates from Online Payment Pages

We are improving the way we integrate with your preferred card acquiring page. If you set up a payment page allowing customers to settle their invoices online by card, we will carry data through to the payment page and back to CorrivoThe customer simply selects which invoices they wish to settle and then they will be redirected to your payment page. In your dashboard, you will be updated so you can see which invoices have been paid online, either fully or in part. 

Shared Service Centre Features for Group Companies

We are soon to extend the hierarchy feature to make it easier to run collections centrally whilst invoicing is handled separately for each subsidiary. Companies with group structures will be able send out invoices for each entity from the team closest to that business unit. All payment and collections, however, can be managed centrally by a single team of credit control experts.

Allow customers to pay by card online

If you  have not yet added a payment page to Corrivo and would like to know more, get in touch!

If you already have an eCommerce website which takes card payments online, we can integrate the payment page with Corrivo to allow your business customers to settle invoices either fully, or in part, directly from the customer portal. All they need to do is select the invoices they wish to pay and they will be directed to your payment page. It’s that simple!

Have your say!

We really appreciate your feedback on how you use Corrivo and what you’d like to be able to do. Your ideas are a key part of our development process, helping to drive our roadmap to include additional features and enhancements.

If you have an idea, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Feature In Focus

As you know, Corrivo is designed with flexibility  in mind and can be configured to suit your business practices and processes. We are continuously updating the range of configuration features to give you even more possibilities to customise the way Corrivo works for you. You can find all the configuration features in the settings area.  If you have any questions on the configuration for your Corrivo implementation, please contact the Customer Success team. We are always happy to help.

Meet the Team

Meet Paul McCue, Head of Customer Success. 

Paul joined Data Interconnect in 2019 to establish and develop our customer success function. Paul is a passionate professional who has spent much of his career focused on Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction and service design. We are thrilled to have Paul in our senior team, implementing best practice and training our customer success managers to ensure we give Corrivo users the best possible support at every stage.

Paul lives in Oxford, likes to play the guitar and like acting in amateur productions once a year.