From emailed pdf to True eInvoicing

eInvoicing Beyond eMailed PDF attachments 

eMailing a PDF is a start on the road to the full efficiency of eInvoicing. In reality though, it’s little better than posting a printed invoice. It saves you time, the cost of postage,  paper, printers and ink but with emails, you get little certainty of whether the invoice has been received.

True einvoicing is different in two key ways:

1 – Automation

Invoices are created automatically from order data in a zero-touch process that is a 100% accurate match to the order data.

2 – Delivery

Invoices can be sent automatically too, immediately after they have been created or upon approval, and eInvoices are delivered by a variety of methods – not just sent as an attachment.  Read on to find out more.

Invoice Automation

Automated Invoice Creation introduces huge efficiency into your Order to Cash process. Whether you batch send your invoices once or twice a month or send them as the orders come in, Corrivo manages this for you automatically.

Proof of Delivery Notes  can be sent along with the invoice either as separate documents or as one single stitched file.  If you have split deliveries, Corrivo can poll your systems regularly, searching for matching PODs and send invoices only when the complete order has been confirmed as received. Electronic PODs from handheld devices can also be added  – and any combination of  ePODs and PODs or other documents.  Any other documents you want to attach, including master agreements, can also be included.

The ripple effect of automated invoicing is wide reaching. It’s the one thing that will bring instant efficiency to all your Invoice to Cash processes.   Fewer errors means fewer invoice queries and disputes, which adds up to a faster, smoother path to payment of every invoice. Reduce your AR team’s workload and relieve pressure on your collections team too – simply by automating invoice creation and dispatch.

Multi-Method Delivery

True eInvoicing gives your customers choice. The majority of smaller businesses perfer invoices delivered through self service portals. Corrivo offers you fully branded portals that are integrated with your customer order website or are standalone so you control the look, feel and experience your buyers receive.  Corrivo emails a secure link to the buyer, which takes them to the invoice portal where they can view invoices and associated documents such as PODs. They can query invoices, view their statement and look back through an archive of past invoices.  They can even pay by card online or add a remittance advice of a future payment to be made by bank transfer.

EDI for big buyers and government bodies, is a transfer method for sending invoices that are absorbed automatically into their accounts payable system for approval and payment. We specialise in EDI and complex buy-side integrations and even if you manage your EDI connection in house, all your invoices can be available to your buyers via portals as well, plus visible to your AR team through Corrivo.

Fallback options – for most people postal and emailed PDFs are just a failover option for when emails are not received due to faulty or discontinued email addresses or server issues. In these cases, Corrivo automatically sends invoices by post, fax or emailed PDF. Some businesses use a combination of methods to ensure prompt delivery of invoices in any circumstances.  You can even send emailed PDFs and a secure link to give buyers an option.

See Corrivo Mailroom and Corrivo Billing for more.

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