1. What documents could be available to collect from a WebSend portal?
The portal can handle many types of documents,  including Invoices, Order Acknowledgements, Credit Notes, Statements and Proof of Deliveries (PODs).

2. Do I need to install any software on my PC/MAC?
No. Our portals are accessed via the web.

3. When is the WebSend portal accessible?
The portal can be accessed by you and your customers 24/7, 365 days of the year.

4. What options are available for delivering documents?
We provide a variety of delivery methods including Portal, Push PDF, EDI, Fax and Post.

5. What is the format in which documents are provided via the WebSend portal?
Primarily documents are available to your customers in PDF format, but alternative formats, including XML and Excel are available.

6. Is there search functionality on the WebSend portal?
Yes.  A comprehensive search function is available, you can search by customer accounts, documents and system activity using different types of criteria.

7. What help is available?
The following support options are available:

  • Online User Guide
  • Online Query Function
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Customer Services
  • Flash Demonstration

8. How many copies of the original document can be download?
Unlimited copies can be downloaded.

9. Is the WebSend portal accessible by any employee?
The portal is only accessible by a registered user.

10. Are there different levels of access available?
There are different levels of access dependent on the permissions required.

11. Can customers easily see open transactions associated with their account?
Yes.  An online up-to-date statement is available and can be updated at your discretion.

12. How often are documents uploaded to the portal for retrieval?
This varies, but generally we receive data files on an overnight feed.  However, the data can also be sent by you for automatic processing anytime of the day.

13. How long will documents remain on the WebSend portal?
Documents are available on the portal for 12 months or until they are paid.  Further archiving options are available for longer periods.

14. Can customers pay through the WebSend portal?
Our portal offers a gateway to link to your online merchant allowing your customers to pay online.

16. Will my customers have to pay fees for this service?
No.  You may offer this service free to your customers.

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