Why DI?

Why Data Interconnect?

Why not? With more than 20 years of real-world Invoice to Cash experience, Data Interconnect is one of Europe’s Marketing leading providers. We understand that credit management is critical to every organisation. That’s why we make it our business to improve your cash flow, reduce debt and prevents late payment.

Delivering easy-to-learn, modular solutions that gradually introduce automation and incorporate the latest Credit Management thinking and combine Intelligent Automation and Best Practice is only one of reasons why our prestigious customers choose Corrivo Invoice to Cash Solution.

The single biggest reason why Data Interconnect Solutions are so valued by our multi-national and enterprise clients alike is our ability to provide outstanding levels of service and support to help our customers continuously improve their ability to collect cash faster. As a privately owned UK based company, we make the time to ensure that our customers get real value from their solution, lowering total cost of ownership and helping them to stay ahead of cash collection.

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