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How our clients find mobile viewable invoices improve cashflow

Mobile web traffic exceeds desktop web traffic in 2021

In February this year, a new landmark was reached in the global web traffic. For the first time worldwide, 51% of all internet access was from mobile devices, meaning we do more of our browsing, buying, research, and in fact, time online from mobiles, not on laptops and desktop computers.  Although there are regional and country-by-country variations, the trend is overwhelmingly towards business and leisure internet usage being conducted from mobile devices, primarily phones.  Doesn’t that tell you that if you issue electronic invoices instead of paper invoices, they need to be mobile friendly and readable on smartphones?  To view in detail, click here.


When, when and how customers want them

Our own data shows that for some clients, in particular, the vast majority of their customers access their branded portal to collect their invoices from mobile devices. It is therefore imperative that the portal and the individual invoices are easily readable on smaller screens and are built in a responsive manner. Being able to approve an invoice from a mobile phone or query it online from a mobile, cuts down the response time to invoices and can both increase the total number of invoices paid on time and within their terms and reduce the average number of days between invoice issued and query raised, and invoice issue and invoice paid. This has a beneficial effect on their department’s key metrics, including their DSO.

Online means mobile-friendly

Any time, any place, anywhere AND on any device is the new formula for online selling, and this extends through to the process of invoicing. If you have a comprehensive eCommerce strategy, then a complimentary Order to Cash strategy will show your business to be in tune with customer needs. The benefits of eInvoicing using Corrivo hinge around multi-format delivery. All customers, irrespective of whether they receive invoices by EDI, can access invoices from secure online portals branded for your business and integrated with your online offering. This allows the customers who sign off invoices to be paid can check them online, even if their organisation has ingested the invoice data electronically by EDI. The accounts payable team gain a means to make their in house approvers double-check invoices without logging on to their Accounts Payable system when needed.

SME Customers

If your customers receive their work emails on mobile devices, the significant advantages of mobile-friendly invoices are more pronounced, and you will have the opportunity to design invoices with colourful styling that highlights the key areas of the invoice and goes farther than any other business supplier does to provide an entirely modern, customer experience.

David Harris

Author David Harris

David Harris is the Business Development Executive at Data Interconnect. Dave works with companies planning the implementation of Corrivo, the cloud-based credit control software which improves cashflow, minimises aged debt and streamlines processes for finance departments. If you would like to know more, contact Dave on: Davidh@datainterconnect.co.uk

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