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Corrivo News April 2021

Read on for news of forthcoming features that we’re bringing on stream as part of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. Each issue, we will also introduce you to members of our team, so you can put a face to a name.  

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What's New

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Credit Control Team Contact Details

You can now show team contact details on your customer portals. If you do not wish to show an individual’s email address this gives you a ‘catch all’ option for customers.

Deliver great customer service

Having the team contact details means that any questions can be addressed by any member of the team and so can be addressed more promptly and the workload shared between team members.  

Customer Portal Access

Your customers can access the Corrivo customer portal directly by typing in the URL or clicking on a secure link. You can also integrate the Corrivo customer portal into your existing online ordering portal – once logged in to your portal, they can be directed to your Corrivo invoicing portal pages.

Now you can tell us where you want customers to be directed to to collect their invoices – we can send them a link to your main online ordering portal to login or send them straight to the Corrivo pages.  If the links take customers to your online portal, you will need to signpost them to the invoicing pages using buttons in your navigation menu.

Whats Coming

Dynamic Chase Paths in the Collections Module

In Corrivo you can design multiple chase paths for your reminders calls an Dunning letters and apply them manually to accounts. Soon, you will be able to set Corrivo to apply one of a pre-defined group of chase paths automatically based on criteria you define. For example, chase paths a, b and c are applied to all invoices relating to a certain ledger, account group, country or date of sign up. Corrivo would assign one of those three chase paths based on risk criteria, such as the outstanding invoice value or the days before the account going on stop. You decide the rules or triggers that will determine which chase path group is applied and, which chase path within the group. You can also decide the conditions under which an account would be moved to a different chase path group – for example, if their account has been on stop for more than 5 days.  This doesn’t mean your users can’t change the chase path setting manually – it’s an additional feature to ensure your credit policies are applied automatically, where needed.

Feature in Focus

Portal Branding

Ensure that your Corrivo portal remains up to date with company branding. you have full control over the logo, background images for customer log-on/off and colours.

Have multiple brands?  No problem with Corrivo you get to set different branding profiles for your customer base.

See how easy it is to upload your branding to Corrivo, click on the + on the image below to learn more:

You can customise your footer and include your brand styling.
Include your brand email address so your customers know they are in correspondence directly with you.
Save your brand’s primary colour and preferred text colour by saving your hex colour codes.
Upload a email header image which will be used on emails sent from Corrivo to your customers. Email header image should be no bigger than 600 x 200.
Upload a Favicon to be used when customers log into the portal. your favicon is still visible. Favicon images should be no bigger then 64 x 64.
Upload your logo to Corrivo. Logo images should be no bigger than 200 x 45.
You can upload a background image that is used to skin the log-in and log-out pages for your customers. Background image should be no bigger than 1920 x 775.

Below you can see how uploading your branding to Corrivo is used to brand your customers’ portal login.


Meet the Team

Scott Dew – Head of DevOps

Scott leads the team that looks after both the staff infrastructure and the SaaS platform. It’s his responsibility to make sure that Corrivo is always available to users. He also ensures that everyone at Data Interconnect has all the tech they need to work their magic.

Scott started his career as a junior web developer and worked his way up to a senior full-stack software engineer before specialising in DevOps. He lives with his partner and their dog, and enjoys tinkering with his homelab, 3D printing and riding his motorbike.