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Corrivo News January 2021

Read on to find out more about new and forthcoming features that we’re bringing on stream as part of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. Each issue, we will also introduce you to members of our team, so you can put a face to a name.

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What's New

Export Reports / Scheduled Reports by email

This feature helps you keep on top of your numbers with zero effort. Every day, or week you can get a reports of the key metrics you need sent to your inbox. These reports can be provided for key data for your area, such as calls made in the period or documents sent. These data reports well be sent to you in CSV format by email regularly; schedule it for output daily, weekly or monthly. These are designed to help managers to get easy access to metrics for their regular team or management meetings. More detailed reports in graphical format, covering historical trends can also be seen in Corrivo to help your with regular reporting or to help with analysis projects that help you spot trends and find new ways of working.

The Export Reports feature is relatively new so if you are not familiar with it and want to explore how it may be useful to you, please call your Customer Success manager or just email customerservice@datainterconnect.co.uk and we’ll make sure someone calls you back when it suits you.

Whats Coming

Corrivo EPT (Extended Payment Terms)

Our newest Corrivo module, gives your buyers up to 90 days extra to pay while you still get paid on time. It costs you nothing.  There is a small cost to the Buyer but it’s less than borrowing on a credit card or via overdraft.  It doesn’t affect your or your buyers credit rating.  It is easy to implement to and can help you drive sales and shift stock.  If you would like to learn more contact Paul McCue or Guy Miller via ept@datainterconnect.co.uk.

Feature in Focus

Customer Payment Portal

Watch our video on the benefits of the Corrivo Customer Portal and how it works for your customers to make online payments.

Meet the Team

Jo Harbert – Customer Success Team Leader

Jo has seen Data Interconnect grow and change over her 16 years here and is a fountain of knowledge about Corrivo as well as the workings of accounts receivable and credit control departments. Jo loves liaising with clients and problem solving and can be counted upon to come up with a practical solution to anything our Corrivo customers are stuck with.

Prior to working at DI, Jo ran busy offices for both large, well known retailers and small professional services firms. Jo has two grown up children and celebrated her silver wedding anniversary last year. she also shares her home with six cats and she enjoys watching crime dramas (she really loves problem solving), pilates and listening to music and says she is looking forward to going to live music gigs again when possible.