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Corrivo News February 2021

Read on to find out more about new and forthcoming features that we’re bringing on stream as part of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. Each issue, we will also introduce you to members of our team, so you can put a face to a name.

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What's New

General Customer Account Letters 

Corrivo is now able to send general customer account letters to support you to improve the way you serve your buyers using the simple unified communicate method provided by Corrivo. You simply need to provide Corrivo with the contents of the letters to be sent to customers and it will handle the rest. The delivery methods (post or email etc) can be configured for each account to ensure that they are consistent with how they receive their invoices already. We’ve designed these for things like price change letters, Direct Debt notifications and change of company status.

Whats Coming

Mobile Friendly Customer Portal

The customer portal pages are being refactored to make them more usable on mobile devices. If your customers are out and about, they can access the customer portal from their mobile devices in the same way they would from their computers. The customer portal design has not changed in any way, it is the underlying code that has been redesigned to make it easier to read and navigate on mobile devices. The new responsive version means that your small business customers can view invoices or check statements as they receive the email notifications, wherever they happen to be on mobiles, tablets and any computer.

Feature in Focus

Advanced Search 

The Advanced Search option is for searching specific items within the system and you can use a combination of multiple fields to search.
Document Advanced Search screen has several fields you can use to find the documents you require based on information loaded into Corrivo from your documents:

  • Document Type – The type of document you wish to search for (e.g. Invoice, Credit note, Letter)
  • Status – The payment status of the document (e.g. Paid, Overdue, Not yet due)
  • Delivery Method – Documents sent via a certain delivery method (e.g. Post, WebSend, default, EDI)
  • Delivery Status – The delivery status of the document (e.g. Failed, Sent, Printing) (See Sent History for a list of delivery statuses)
  • Purchase Order – if a customer wants all documents associated with a purchase order

You can also search for a large number of documents, at once using reference numbers by pasting a list into the Document reference search box, saving time searching for multiple invoices one by one.

Meet the Team

Kirsten Spratt – Customer Success Administrator

Kirsten joined Data interconnect August 2020 as a full time Customer Success administrator to support the team in getting clients paid faster!  Previously Kirsten worked for a legal firm and in the County and Magistrates’ Courts.

Kirsten loves working with the passionate people in the Customer Success team at Data Interconnect and the fast paced environment.  She was really pleased to see the new management dashboard on the Corrivo portal go live as she can see the value this information provides to the clients she is in touch with. The continuous improvement cycle with Corrivo means there’s always new functionality to learn and makes her job stimulating and interesting.

She and her partner, are both animal lovers and help out at local charities volunteering when they can.   Like many of us they are also looking forward to eating out with friends and family and travelling when possible.